> Josh Gummersall

Motivated by difficult technical problems, customer-focused teams, and a culture of documentation and code review. Thrives in areas of ambiguity using first principles thinking and leading by example.

> Skills

> Experience

As an engineer on the container platform team, I designed and built tooling, infrastructure, and UX empowering developers to create and manage testing and integration environments. Platform is built on Kubernetes with several layers of Java APIs and services.

Led a team of engineers working on SaaS chatbot product built with React, Redux, Blazor and Web Assembly. Made direct contributions to monorepo bundling (Webpack), testing (Jest), and other shared tooling (eslint, prettier). Hosted tech talks about Typescript and React.

Lead engineer on Bot Framework Typescript library, a ~30 NPM package monorepo with ~60,000 downloads/week. Dramatically reduced CI test duration (and flakes) and added tooling (yarn workspaces) and automation (Mocha, eslint, prettier, Github Actions) for code quality.

Lead engineer on infrastructure and developer tooling team. Wrote several developer tools and contributed to services (Golang, Rust, and Python).

Built initial backend (Terraform, Google Cloud Platform) and mobile app (Dart, Flutter) for contact tracing service. Featured twice in Geekwire (link below).

Developed web apps and services (React, Redux, Golang) deployed on Kubernetes (Terraform, Google Cloud Platform).

Other Experience

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