Josh Gummersall

> Dev Tools 🧑‍💻

Command-line, shell, prompt, git, etc.


  • Proxyman, modern and native web debugging proxy
  • iTerm2, standard issue MacOS terminal emulator
  • vscode, good Vim emulation and cross platform
  • IntelliJ, I generally shy away from IDEs, but this one is solid

Command-line tools

  • fd, like find but with much simpler options
  • sd, like sed but with much simpler options
  • fzf, command-line fuzzy finder with that is extremely customizable
  • ripgrep, like grep but with simpler options
  • Starship, zero configuration, cross platform shell prompt
  • Zoxide, jump to directories with a few characters (cross platform)
  • YADM, git-based dotfile manager
  • Git Tools, tools improving or extending git